Our mission is to empower women and physicians with simple noninvasive tools to help monitor and improve breast health. Eclipse is the first in a series of easy to use noninvasive digital tools under development using TransPhotonic Technology TM. Ultimately Eclipse will become a digital breast self-exam device a woman can use at home just like any home digital device like a blood pressure monitor. Eclipse is designed to be an easy to use, completely safe, early detection tool. Eclipse will act as a simple prompting tool looking for change in the breast. If there is change, it will help prompt a woman to get checked out professionally by her doctor. Eclipse is now engaged in its commercial phase and is currently working with the FDA to finalize its technology and regulatory requirements.
  • The Eclipse device is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • The FDA has not yet fully evaluated the Eclipse device, technology, services or statements.
  • The Eclipse is designed to be an adjunct tool for medical industry standards, and is not designed to replace mammography or any gold standard practices.
  • The attached videos and their content are intended to give a glimpse of Eclipse’s vision and future and are not intended to imply that Eclipse is currently available for on the market at this time.
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